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Demerys helps small businesses organize their work and optimize their processes.

We specialize in creating customized software tools to automate your workflows to the maximum. The aim is to enable employees to focus on their core business.

We are often overwhelmed by paperwork and ranking. We create with you a software tool that can be used on your computer or mobile devices to help you see more clearly.

How do we do ?

Easy-to-use tools

It is not a question of using an unusable complex tool but rather of focusing on the essential and the ergonomics. Better is a product that covers only 75% of the needs but is pleasant to use rather than a so-called ultra-complete "best product" where one will never put the nose.

Zen with Demerys

We all know this kind of software well on paper, but the complexity and the number of functions means that we will never take the time to do it.

Development of tailor-made solutions

Meet Demerys

Over the years, we have gained particular experience in time management, accounting and billing.

We are also at ease in online payment platforms and product sales. We can also set up payment solutions by bank transfer SEPA for professionals ( with, EU only ).

If you have a particular management or organization problem, do not hesitate to let us know. We will already show you the projects in production at some of our clients and will draw up a plan of action with you if we think we can resolve some of your concerns.


We mainly use the Framework Ruby On Rails to build our tools with javascript front-end if required. The data are hosted by Amazon and the apps hosted by Heroku.

As each application has to communicate with the outside, we use massively the services of Twilio and Mailgun or Mailchimp to send transactionals emails and SMS.

Dont hesitate to ask us question and reach us on our Slack channel (ask by chat for an invitation).

Demerys Technologies

The Paprs app

Web app invoicing, purchasing and banking software. Everything your business needs to manage its day-to-day effectively.

Logiciel Paprs - Facturation et achats en ligne

We have created for our own management and billing software: Its purpose is to manage and keep track of all the important acts of the life of a company:

  • - invoicing and customer management
  • - quotation manageent
  • - registration and management of purchases and suppliers
  • - management of statements and bank accounts
  • - Multi-currency and multilingual

Try Paprs !

After ten years of use we decided to market through a SAS, We invite you to visit the site to see if it can be useful and to try it 1 month without commitment (we do not ask for a bank card at registration).

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